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GoSearch for Marketing: Collaborate and Navigate to Work Faster

GoSearch for Marketing: Collaborate and Navigate to Work Faster

How many apps does it take to do your job?

As a marketer, you probably use some combination of project management, CRM, social media, and writing tools – like ChatGPT and Grammarly. 

Start tallying every app you use, and you’d quickly run out of fingers. In 2023, marketing teams used over 60 SaaS tools on average. 

With your information and resources dispersed across so many apps – and with new content created daily – it’s hard to stay organized. 

Enter GoSearch, enterprise search for better knowledge management. Marketers use this AI-powered tool to:

  • Leverage collective knowledge 
  • Maintain brand adherence 
  • Collaborate better with Sales

Learn more about GoSearch and its marketing-specific benefits below. 👇

What is GoSearch?

GoSearch is internal search as a service, connecting employees to company-wide knowledge. Within its single search box, you can search across your entire SaaS stack to find relevant resources, answer complex questions, and surface AI-powered insights. 

Here are key GoSearch features that marketers love:

  • Enterprise search with access to connected workplace apps 
  • Personal data connectors that give you private access to your docs and messages
  • Generative AI chatbot for conversational search and intelligent assistance
  • An intelligent new tab experience with announcements, calendar events, and powerful search capabilities 
  • Search analytics to identify knowledge gaps and inform content creation 
  • Industry-leading security to safeguard your data and privacy  
What is search as a service?

How GoSearch boosts Marketing team efficiency 

🦸 Meet your productivity sidekick: GoAI

GoSearch’s built-in generative AI chatbot – GoAI – helps marketing teams deliver content quickly and effectively. Rather than digging through folders or skimming docs for information, you can converse with GoAI for quick answers and assistance. 

Ex: Olivia uses GoAI to simplify and speed up her daily workflows. Thanks to GoAI’s powerful text generation, she can ask complex queries like, “Draft a demand gen newsletter for IT personas” or “Summarize our 2024 content plan.”

🤓 Tap into collective knowledge to work smarter, not harder

GoSearch puts company-wide knowledge at your fingertips. Whether you’re searching for past campaigns, frameworks, or briefs, you can find these resources instantly. This helps you leverage existing work, so you don’t have to start back at square one every time. 

Ex: Tracey needs to create a webinar landing page. It’s his first time doing this, so he wants to reference past webinar landing pages for inspiration. He asks GoSearch to “help me find past webinar landing page copy” and is able to surface multiple docs at once (rather than hunting them down one by one). 

[Graphic: GoSearch interaction like below, but adjust GoAI response to have 1, 2, and 3 options as “Gen AI Webinar Landing Page”, “KM Webinar Landing Page”, and “Product Launch Webinar Landing Page.” Don’t include GitHub links. Figma files on Webinar Landing Pages and Webinar Graphics seem good.]

👯 Keep your team – and your brand – cohesive 

Brand adherence is challenging when you’ve got various brand assets, messaging guidelines, boilerplates, and other standards. GoSearch makes it easy for your people to access these standards, ensuring org-wide alignment on your brand. 

Ex: Quinn just joined the content marketing team. Before drafting a new blog, they ask GoSearch, “How should I represent our brand in external content?” The AI chatbot returns a summary of key points from various sources, including their company’s brand guidelines, writing style guide, and designed brand assets.  

🤝 Turn Marketing & Sales into a collaborative dream team

Resources shouldn’t get lost in transit between Marketing and Sales teams – but they often do. GoSearch prevents this knowledge loss by giving Sales teams 24/7 access to marketing collateral. 

Ex: Amir just created a new one-pager for IT personas. He wants to make sure Sales Reps can find this updated resource easily, so he uses GoSearch to deprecate the old one-pager and verify the new one. That means anyone searching for “IT one-pager” will see the new resource at the top of their results page.

👋 Support new hires through hassle-free onboarding

It’s easy for new hires to get lost in the sea of company resources. Luckily, GoSearch helps them find information without asking coworkers or relying on bookmarks, lists, or their memory. This gets them up to speed more efficiently – and with fewer frustrations.

Ex: Katherine knows her boss shared an important folder with her, but she can’t remember where it is. She asks GoSearch, “Where can I find product marketing assets?” This takes her to the Google Drive she was looking for. 

GoLinks + GoSearch for Marketing

GoSearch surfaces new information and produces insights instantly. Once you have that information, an internal link management app like GoLinks gives you instant access to those resources and powers seamless context-switching. 

Together, these two knowledge-discovery tools help marketers be their most productive selves. Here’s how you can get answers from GoSearch, then use GoLinks for lightning-fast Marketing workflows:

  • “What’s our go-to-market plan?” → go/launch
  • “Where’s collateral for HR personas?” → go/hr-onepager
  • “Do we have a product demo video?” → go/tour
  • “Where can I find our UVP?” → go/messaging-guide

GoSearch: A powerful solution for Marketing efficiency

If you’re looking for a light-lift, high-impact solution, GoSearch is the tool for you. Its powerful Gen AI provides answers and insights into everyday tasks. 

Ready to supercharge your marketing workflows? Schedule a demo to learn how GoSearch can solve your team’s knowledge discovery headaches.

AI-powered search across all your apps for instant answers.
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