Enterprise search powered by AI

Unify your workplace knowledge into one source of truth. Powered by generative AI, GoSearch connects all internal apps and resources, easing information retrieval and data discovery.
GoSearch enterprise search natural language processing

Search across apps with natural language

GoSearch is a vector enterprise search engine that understands semantic meaning. It uses both intent and context to deliver the most relevant results.
GoSearch knowledge management with enterprise search

Unify your collective company knowledge

Use AI queries to search your collective enterprise knowledge, unifying your apps, files, people directory, and discussions into one central hub.
LLM API for enterprise search
Bring your own LLM to gain full control and visibility over your model
Enterprise search relevant search results

See search insights relevant to you

Surface personalized, AI powered insights ranked by relevance and compiled across multiple data sources. Quickly find the information you need.
Workplace search: Real-time indexing and automatic data syncing

Index workplace knowledge in real time

Build a knowledge graph that indexes in real time across all internal resources. GoSearch syncs automatically with your company’s connected apps.
Secure information discovery with GoSearch

Empower information discovery, securely

GoSearch searches only the apps you connect and surfaces only publicly visible information. Personal app connectors can be enabled at the individual level and are only visible to that user.

Uncover search insights

Help your team find information easily with workplace search analytics. Identify search trends, common queries, and which apps are surfacing results.
GoSearch enterprise search result analytics

See GoSearch in Slack

Connect GoSearch to Slack for enterprise search without interruption. Easily surface information and share documents right in Slack.
GoSearch Slack integration
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AI-powered search across all your work apps for instant answers

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Memorable short links

Get to any resource instantly using memorable go links shared by your entire org.

⚡ Instant resource access
🧠️ Intuitive knowledge sharing
💡 Information discovery
✨ AI-powered suggestions
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Enterprise search

Search across all your content hubs from one search bar—results powered by generative AI.

🔍️ Search across all work apps
✨ AI-powered results
🤖 AI conversational chat
⚡️ 100+ data connectors
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People knowledge

Find and discover information about the people of your org. Give recognition and celebrate achievements.

🙋‍♀️️ Employee profiles
👍️ Peer recognition
📈️ Employee engagement
✨ AI-powered search