GoSearch: secure enterprise search

Securely search with assurance

We prioritize your security, employing comprehensive protocols and rigorous testing to safeguard your data and privacy.
GoSearch: secure enterprise search

Complies with highest industry standards

Soc 2 type 2 badge

SOC 2 Type II certified

Report by a third party auditor, we are committed to the safety of your data collection, transportation, and storage.
GDPR badge

GDPR compliant

Complying with EU regulation protecting individual data privacy and enabling user control.
Secure data encryption lock

Secure data encryption

Adheres to recommended secure cipher suites and protocols to encrypt all traffic in transit and at rest.
Enterprise search with multi-layer security

Secure by design

Our goal is to always protect client data and foster trust.
The organization applies a multi-layered security strategy and is committed to both establishing new safety measures and improving existing ones.
GoSearch security protocols for global enterprises

Trusted by large enterprises

GoSearch team members carry years of expertise in crafting secure cloud data systems for global enterprises with leading security protocols.
GoSearch access permissions and access control

Limited permissions and scope

Our approach to handling your data is evident in the design of our browser extension.
Unlike others, we request only the most minimal permissions, prioritizing your security and privacy at every turn.

Custom integrations to limit security risks

Bring your own LLM API Key

Using your own API key grants you control over access, logs, and restrictions; full visibility into interactions of your large language model.
GoSearch LLM API key

Bring your own cloud (BYOC)

All security measures are entirely under your control. Your data stays within your AWS, Google Cloud, or other environment.
GoSearch security

Other security features

Fault-tolerant infrastructure

Built with no single point of failure, ensuring no loss of service.

SSL & domain security

HTTPS security (TLS 1.2). SSL certificates are 2048 bit RSA, signed with SHA256.

Single sign-on(SSO)

SAML-based SSO — admins can easily integrate their SSO provider.

Audit logging

Logging of device and IP address of all connections to GoSearch.

Access governance

Users are granted visibility only to the data connectors for which they have authorized access or permissions. GoSearch's dynamic indexing continually scans for updates to ensure the most current results are displayed.

Single tenant architecture

Your instance is hosted in its own VPC and only serves your company.

Hosting control

Hosted by GoSearch or your own cloud.

Indexing controls

Control what GoSearch indexes.

Other security features

If you should locate a security vulnerability of GoSearch, please email your findings to security@gosearch.ai. We are also happy to answer any security questions or review any vendor security questionnaires you may have.

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