The Secret to Saving Hours at Work: Go Links + Enterprise Search
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The Secret to Saving Hours at Work: Go Links + Enterprise Search

The Secret to Saving Hours at Work: Go Links + Enterprise Search

Quick information retrieval at work is something that’s gotten harder and harder. 


The number of workplace apps and resources we use has gone up drastically.

You can see in the graph below, that the average number of SaaS apps used in 2015 was only 8. In 2022, it rose to 130; today, it’s skyrocketed to over 300. Crazy! 

Statista average number of saas apps graph
Source: Statista

Since resources now live in all these different apps, it’s harder than ever for employees to hunt down the information they need. 

According to Coveo, the average employee spends 3.6 hours daily searching for information. This inefficiency not only hampers productivity but also leads to frustration and burnout among team members.

In this article, we will cover a software duo that can significantly improve information retrieval, helping your employees save tons of time. Enterprise search paired with go links is the ultimate system to help employees: 

  1. Instantly surface the information they’re looking for 
  2. Search for a resource when they’re unsure where it lives 
  3. Discover resources and information they didn’t even know existed 

Let’s dive in! 

What are go links?

Go links are memorable short links that act as shortcuts to specific web pages or resources. They provide a simple and efficient way to access commonly used documents, websites, or tools without the hassle of long and convoluted URLs.

Need to access that quarterly report buried deep within your company’s intranet? Just type in a short, memorable go link, and voilà! You’re there, without the hassle of navigating through layers of menus or bookmark folders.

Thanks to this intuitive link shortener, you can instantly navigate to the pages you need. Plus, they’re easy to share visually and verbally with your team members. 

long URL turned into short go link

What is enterprise search?

Enterprise Search is an internal workplace search solution designed to index and retrieve information from various sources within an organization. It allows employees to quickly search and access documents, emails, databases, and other internal resources from a centralized platform.

These AI search platforms use machine learning to search structured and unstructured data and provide accurate results. All employees have to do is type a query into the search bar. 

Enterprise search is great when you can’t quite remember where certain information lives. It instantly provides resource recommendations based on your search query. 

enterprise search results

How do go links and enterprise search engines work together?

The integration of GoLinks with enterprise search is a game-changer for workplace productivity. 

When combined, your enterprise search tool will recommend relevant go links based on search queries. These go links, being short and memorable, enable employees to effortlessly recall and access essential resources the next time they need them. 

GoSearch results with go links

Here’s an example of what using the two solutions together looks like: 

Ashley started working at a new company and wants to review her onboarding checklist. 

With enterprise search, she can ask, “I’m a new employee. Where can I find onboarding instructions?” 

Enterprise search can instantly recommend resources and, when integrated with go links, can surface go links like “go/onboarding.”

Now that she knows the easy-to-remember go link, Ashley can just type “go/onboarding” the next time she needs her onboarding checklist. 

7 benefits of enterprise search and go links 

1. Time savings

Instant access means less time searching and more time doing critical tasks. With go links and enterprise search, you can say goodbye to hours lost in fruitless searches, allowing you to focus on driving projects forward with unmatched efficiency.

2. Enhanced collaboration

Go links make sharing resources effortless. Whether your colleagues are nearby or far away, Go links break down barriers and empower seamless collaboration.

3. Frustration reduction

No more frustration navigating complex data structures or struggling to find what you need. With these tools, essential information is always within reach, saving you from wasted time and stress. 

4. Scalability & consistency

As organizations grow, go links and enterprise search grow with them. They ensure your information system remains strong and consistent across teams and departments.

5. Universal accessibility

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, these tools are accessible from any device. Stay productive wherever you are, with easy access to resources.

6. Empowered decision-making

Access critical insights and data instantly. With go links and enterprise search, decision-makers can make informed choices quickly, driving innovation and success.

7. Improved employee satisfaction

Happy employees are productive employees. With these software tools, employees spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on meaningful work. Plus, streamlined collaboration fosters a positive work environment where employees feel valued and engaged.

Software options to consider


GoLinks is an enterprise URL-shortening service that helps employees access and share information with intuitive, secure short links. 

GoLinks link shortening software


GoSearch is an enterprise search software tool that enables employees to search across work apps and surface information. It uses AI to provide the most relevant search results in real time. 

GoSearch enterprise search

The best part? GoSearch was created by the GoLinks team — so it has best-in-class go link functionality built right into the tool. When you enter a search query, GoSearch can surface relevant go links. You also have the ability to create go links right from your search results. 

how to create go link in GoSearch

Make information retrieval easier in your org 

By leveraging these powerful tools, tech companies can easily navigate the sea of information, empowering their teams to work smarter, not harder. 

Schedule a GoSearch demo and see how go links + enterprise search can benefit your organization. 

Explore the GoLinks productivity suite
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