How to Craft a Superior Digital Employee Experience (Tips & Tools)
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How to Craft a Superior Digital Employee Experience (Tips & Tools)

How to Craft a Superior Digital Employee Experience (Tips & Tools)

If your goal is to retain top talent, you absolutely can’t ignore digital employee experience (DEX). 

One report found that 88% of respondents believe DEX influences employee retention, and 92% believe it influences employee job satisfaction. 

This same report also found that 95% of employees struggled with digital friction, such as software and network issues and workplace application access problems.

The digital employee experience must be prioritized to create a seamless and satisfying environment for their employees to thrive. Fortunately, there are more tools than ever (many of which are AI-powered!) to help you improve your DEX. 

This article explores digital employee experience and why it matters, plus shares top tools to help you enhance it.

What is digital employee experience?

The digital employee experience (DEX) refers to the quality of interactions employees have with the digital tools and technologies provided by their workplace. It encompasses everything from software and hardware usability to the support systems in place for troubleshooting issues. Essentially, it’s about how well the digital environment supports employees in their daily tasks and contributes to their overall job satisfaction.

Why does the digital employee experience matter?

A well-crafted strategy is important for several reasons:

  1. Employee satisfaction and engagement: When employees feel that their digital tools are intuitive and efficient, their job satisfaction and engagement levels increase.
  1. Productivity and performance: Effective workplace technology can significantly boost productivity and streamline workflows.
  1. Retention and attraction: Companies that invest in great digital employee experiences are more likely to retain top talent and attract new candidates.
  1. Business outcomes: Enhanced digital experiences contribute to better overall business outcomes through increased efficiency and innovation.
  1. Support for remote workers: A robust digital environment is essential for supporting remote workers, ensuring they remain connected and productive.

What are common pain points in the digital employee experience?

Common pain points include complicated user interfaces, lack of integration between tools, inadequate training, slow or unreliable technology, and insufficient support for remote work.

Top tools and strategies to improve digital employee experience

To create a superior digital employee experience, you should consider these top strategies and tools:

User experience (UX) design

  • Strategy: Prioritize UX design in all your workplace apps to ensure ease of use and accessibility.
  • Tools: Use platforms like G2 and Capterra to read reviews about UX design before purchasing and implementing a brand-new tool. 

Collaboration tools

  • Strategy: Implement tools that facilitate seamless collaboration among team members, regardless of their location.
  • Tools: Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom are excellent for real-time communication. GoLinks makes sharing information with coworkers easier through memorable short links, making collaboration a breeze.
Collaboration tools for digital employee experience

Experience management platforms

  • Strategy: Use experience management platforms to gather and analyze employee feedback.
  • Tools: Qualtrics and Medallia help capture real-time insights into employee experiences. Most SaaS apps also offer analytics to give you insight into how employees are using the tool and if it’s effective. 

Integrated digital workplaces

  • Strategy: Create an integrated digital workplace where all necessary tools are accessible from a single platform.
  • Tools: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide comprehensive suites for productivity and collaboration. GoSearch connects to all your enterprise apps and makes them searchable in one AI-powered search engine. This keeps employees from having to search for the information they need, significantly improving the digital experience.
Integrated digital workplaces for a better digital employee experience (DEX)

Employee feedback mechanisms

  • Strategy: Regularly solicit and act on employee feedback to continuously improve the digital employee experience.
  • Tools: Pulse survey tools like TINYpulse and Culture Amp enable frequent feedback collection.

Remote work support

  • Strategy: Develop a digital employee experience DEX strategy that includes robust support for remote workers.
  • Tools: Remote desktop solutions like Citrix or VMware Horizon ensure remote employees can access necessary resources securely. The GoLinks and GoSearch apps allow people to securely access any work resource on their mobile device, enhancing support for remote work.
Improve your digital employee experience with the GoLinks mobile app

Digital adoption platforms (DAPs)

  • Strategy: Facilitate seamless onboarding and ongoing training through digital adoption platforms.
  • Tools: WalkMe and Pendo guide employees through new software, enhancing user experience and reducing frustration.

Employee engagement tools

  • Strategy: Foster a culture of engagement through tools designed to boost morale and connectivity.
  • Tools: Platforms like Officevibe and Bonusly help in recognizing and engaging employees effectively. GoProfiles, an AI-powered employee engagement platform, offers employee profiles, an org chart, peer recognition, and more to help employees form more meaningful connections. 
GoProfiles for employee engagement

Cybersecurity measures

  • Strategy: Ensure robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and maintain trust in digital systems.
  • Tools: Implement solutions like Norton Security or McAfee Total Protection to safeguard your digital workplace.

Best practices for implementing a digital employee experience strategy

Ready to implement your own digital employee experience strategy? Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Understand employee needs: Conduct regular surveys and interviews to understand what employees need from their digital tools and systems.
  1. Promote continuous learning: Offer regular training and development opportunities to help employees stay up-to-date with new technologies.
  1. Foster a culture of feedback: Encourage employees to share their experiences and suggestions for improvement.
  1. Invest in scalable solutions: Choose tools and platforms that can grow with your business and adapt to changing needs.
  1. Ensure accessibility: Make sure all digital tools are accessible to employees with disabilities.
  1. Monitor and evaluate: Regularly assess the effectiveness of your digital tools and make adjustments as needed.
  1. Encourage collaboration: Create opportunities for employees to collaborate and share knowledge across teams.
  1. Prioritize security: Implement robust security measures to protect employee data and maintain trust.
  1. Streamline processes: Use technology to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows.
  1. Celebrate successes: Recognize and reward employees for their contributions to improving the digital workplace.


What is a digital employee experience (DEX) platform?

A DEX platform is a comprehensive solution that integrates various digital tools and technologies to create a seamless and efficient work environment for employees. It typically includes features for communication, collaboration, project management, and experience management.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my digital employee experience strategy?

Effectiveness can be measured through employee feedback surveys, usage analytics of digital tools, productivity metrics, and employee engagement scores. Regularly collecting and analyzing this data helps identify areas for improvement.

How can I improve the digital employee experience for remote workers?

Improving the digital employee experience for remote workers involves providing reliable remote desktop solutions, ensuring robust communication tools, offering flexible work arrangements, and maintaining regular check-ins to support and engage remote employees.

Why is user experience important in workplace technology?

User experience is crucial because it directly impacts how effectively employees can use technology to perform their tasks. A positive user experience reduces frustration, increases productivity, and enhances overall job satisfaction.

What role does employee feedback play in improving DEX?

Employee feedback is essential for understanding how digital tools are being used and where improvements are needed. Regular feedback helps identify pain points and opportunities for enhancing the digital workplace.

How can collaboration tools enhance the digital employee experience?

Collaboration tools enhance the digital employee experience by facilitating real-time communication, knowledge sharing, and teamwork. They help break down silos and enable seamless collaboration across different locations and departments.

What should be included in a DEX strategy?

A DEX strategy should include a clear understanding of employee needs, a plan for integrating digital tools, continuous learning opportunities, regular feedback mechanisms, robust security measures, and a focus on user experience and accessibility.

How can businesses ensure that their digital tools remain effective and up-to-date?

Businesses can ensure their digital tools remain effective by regularly evaluating their performance, staying informed about new technologies and trends, investing in scalable solutions, and continuously seeking employee feedback to guide improvements.

What are the benefits of a great digital employee experience?

Benefits of a great digital employee experience include higher employee satisfaction and engagement, increased productivity, better talent retention and attraction, improved business outcomes, and a more innovative and collaborative work environment.

Take your DEX to the next level

By implementing these strategies and utilizing the right tools, you can create a digital workplace where employees feel supported, engaged, and empowered to perform at their best.

Investing in the digital employee experience is not just about technology; it’s about fostering a culture that values and prioritizes the well-being and productivity of every team member.

Discover the ultimate suite of tools designed to elevate your digital employee experience: 

  • GoSearch connects all your enterprise apps into a single, searchable, AI-powered platform, ensuring employees have quick access to the information they need. 
  • GoLinks simplifies resource retrieval and information sharing with coworkers through memorable short links, streamlining collaboration. 
  • GoProfiles offers an AI-powered employee engagement platform that makes it easier for coworkers to connect with each other and form more meaningful relationships.  

Click here to learn more and see how these innovative solutions can help you create a superior digital employee experience.

The GoLinks Productivity Suite - Demo
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