GoSearch Q&A Session: Exploring AI-Powered Enterprise Search
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GoSearch Q&A Session: Exploring AI-Powered Enterprise Search

GoSearch Q&A Session: Exploring AI-Powered Enterprise Search

Last week, we hosted an event showcasing the unveiling of GoSearch, the latest enterprise search tool by GoLinks. We explored its features, use cases, and the potential it holds to revolutionize information retrieval in modern workplaces. 

Want to learn about the highlights from the event? 

Here is a recap of that session where our speakers, Jorge Zamora (GoLinks CEO) and Preetham Syamala (GoLinks Technical Product Manager), addressed key questions and provided further insights into the capabilities of GoSearch. 

GoSearch Q&A

Q: Can GoAI chat be integrated into a Slack channel? 

A: Yes, GoAI chat can be seamlessly integrated into Slack. Users can directly message the Slack bot or use slash commands for quick search and access to relevant resources. The new tab takeover feature allows users to conduct searches without leaving their current workspace. 

Q: How does GoSearch assist in rapidly finding company information? 

A: GoSearch simplifies finding company information by offering a single search box for querying enterprise data. Traditional search methods involved sifting through lists of links, but GoSearch provides summaries and quick answers, enhancing productivity. 

GoSearch Q&A: How does GoSearch work?

Q: What about the accuracy of responses and connector performance? 

A: Success rate depends on the quality of the resources, with systems in place to surface prominent resources. GoSearch utilizes various connectors depending on the query, ensuring accurate results tailored to specific use cases. 

Q: What makes GoSearch’s algorithms superior? 

A: GoSearch’s approach to search emphasizes security and utilizes workplace personal connectors for enhanced accuracy. Personal connectors ensure data privacy, with real-time access and no data storage on GoSearch’s systems. 

Q: Is there any automation for curating information? 

A: GoSearch incorporates user behavior to rank search results, automatically improving over time without manual curation. 

Q: Can GoSearch understand platform features? 

A: Yes, GoSearch’s retrieval engine is tailored to each tool, enabling it to understand platform features and provide relevant information. 

Q: When is GoSearch available to use? 

A: GoSearch is currently available for enterprise use, offering mature GenAI features. 

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Q: What measures are in place to ensure security and privacy of data? 

A: Security measures include differentiating between public and personal connectors, ensuring data privacy and real-time access(Find more GoSearch security features here).

Q: What is the advantage of multimodal enterprise search? 

A: Multimodal search enables users to search using text, images, or audio, providing more comprehensive results. 

Q: What do you think the future holds for generative AI and enterprise search?
A: The future holds endless possibilities for integrating Generative AI and enterprise search, leveraging advancements to enhance productivity. GoSearch aims to stay updated with the latest GenAI technologies and incorporate them into search functionalities for a seamless user experience. 

Access the Full Event

If you missed the live event or want to revisit any part of it, we’ve got you covered! Click here to access the on-demand recording of the full event. Discover firsthand how GoSearch can transform your enterprise search experience and unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity. 

Webinar Recording: Intro to GoSearch: Elevating Enterprise Search and Discovery
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