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GoSearch for Sales Teams: Unify Knowledge and Close Faster

GoSearch for Sales Teams: Unify Knowledge and Close Faster

Nothing derails a sales call faster than an objection you can’t handle. 

While you’re sifting through marketing collateral, CRM data, and internal apps, your prospect is losing interest – and trust. 

Your deals’ success depends on quick access to answers. 

That’s exactly what GoSearch offers. Sales teams can use this AI-powered tool to:

  • Discover knowledge to handle questions and objections on the fly
  • Learn the status of leads and opportunities without searching 
  • Find resources to confidently close deals

Ready to learn how? 👇 Keep reading for an intro to GoSearch for sales teams.

What is GoSearch?

GoSearch is an enterprise search tool that gives employees access to company-wide resources within one search box. It uses GenAI to generate insights, surface relevant resources, and streamline workflows. 

These key features make GoSearch a powerful Sales sidekick:

  • Customizable enterprise search – connect workplace apps and personal data sources
  • Generative AI chatbot for conversational search and intelligent assistance
  • A new tab experience where you can search, post announcements, and jump into a meeting without breaking your flow
  • Insightful search analytics to pinpoint high-impact resources 
  • Highest-standard security and data protection

What is search as a service?

How GoSearch boosts Sales team efficiency 

78% of sales pros say AI will help them be more efficient in their role. But how exactly does that work? 

Here are 5 ways AI-driven GoSearch helps sales teams work smarter, not harder — and save time on everyday tasks: 

1. Confident closing on every deal 🤝 

Sales reps can use GoSearch to find the exact collateral they need to influence a deal – within seconds. No more frantically searching for objection-handling resources. GoSearch can surface what you need in real-time, boosting prospect confidence and accelerating your deals. 

Ex: After Dema’s basic product demo, the prospect has technical questions. Instead of leaving questions unanswered or scheduling a follow-up meeting with her Solutions Engineer – which could delay the deal – Dema uses GoSearch to instantly surface product specs and answer questions like “What’s our data protection policy?” 

2. AI insights for tracking leads and deals 🤔 

GoSearch isn’t just for finding resources – it’s also great for surfacing insights. GoSearch’s GenAI, called GoAI, can summarize the status of a deal, pulling information from multiple sources to give you a single answer. 

Ex: Madison asks GoAI, “What’s the status of the SendGrid deal?” The chatbot responds with a summary of pipeline status, recent meetings, and next steps for that opportunity.

3. Async communication and collaboration 🙌 

Don’t wait around for a coworker’s help answering questions. If you don’t know where a doc is, just ask GoSearch. Its GenAI can assist you wherever, whenever. With fast search results, intelligent answers, and interactive chat, you’ll get back to work in the blink of an eye. 

Ex: Solomon needs to communicate talk-track updates to his team of SDRs working across multiple time zones. Instead of messaging people during their off hours, he posts an announcement on the GoSearch dashboard. That way, his team can view the announcement or use GoSearch to surface the new talk track.

4. Lightning-fast prospecting and lead generation 🧐 

GoSearch unifies your different lead-targeting and lead-enrichment tools, making it easier to find and access what you need. With GoAI, you can follow company training to outbound efficiently. 

Ex: Cami wants to jog her memory before reaching out to a prospect. She asks GoSearch, “What’s our talk track for an intro call?” The chatbot responds with step-by-step instructions pulled from various training documents. 

5. Hassle-free onboarding for new Sales Reps 👋 

GoSearch helps new hires deal with information overload. They don’t have to remember every aspect of their training, since they can use GoSearch to find resources, clarify certain protocols, and surface company information – from core values to PTO policy. 

Ex: Anthony just finished a busy onboarding week of team meetings and software setup. He can’t remember all the information thrown his way, but he can use GoSearch to retrieve helpful answers like “Where is the Sales training doc?” or “Who can help me with an IT issue?”

GoLinks + GoSearch for Sales

GoSearch helps you surface new information and insights instantly. But when you already know what you’re looking for, GoLinks is the fastest way to access and share resources.

Together, these two knowledge-discovery tools help sales reps be their most productive selves. Here’s how you can get answers from GoSearch, then use GoLinks for lightning-fast Sales workflows:

  • “Where’s my open opportunity report?” → go/pipeline 
  • “What’s our policy on POCs?”  → go/sales-faqs 
  • “Where’s collateral for IT personas?” → go/it-onepager
  • “How do I address a competitive objection?” → go/battlecards 

GoSearch: A powerful solution for Sales efficiency 

Don’t leave your Sales team stranded – help them confidently navigate your company’s resources with GoSearch.

Ready to improve Sales agility and success? Book a demo to learn how GoSearch can help you reach your sales goals. 

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