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GoSearch for HR: Keep Your Team Engaged 

GoSearch for HR: Keep Your Team Engaged 

A majority of respondents in a recent study report that AI has improved productivity and efficiency in their HR department. 

They also said that AI significantly impacted their: 

  • performance management
  • employee engagement
  • training and development
  • recruitment
  • employee inquiries

If your organization is on the hunt for one single AI tool that can help improve all those functions — look no further. 

HR teams leverage GoSearch to instantly access HR resources and enable employees to surface company-wide knowledge on their own. 

Below, we provide a clear list of benefits and use cases to help you visualize GoSearch’s impact on your HR workflow.

What is GoSearch?

GoSearch, an AI-powered enterprise search solution, provides employees with effortless access to company-wide resources through a unified search interface. Think of it as the equivalent of Google Search for all your workplace knowledge. Driven by GenAI, it rapidly generates valuable insights and brings company-wide resources to the forefront.

Here are key GoSearch features that HR teams love: 

  • Enterprise search – connect company-wide apps and personal data sources
  • Generative AI chatbot for conversational search and intelligent assistance
  • A new tab experience where you can search and jump into meets without breaking your flow
  • People search results that help employees connect with the right coworkers at the right time
  • Custom GPTs that can be trained and tailored specifically to employee needs
  • Search analytics to pinpoint high-impact resources and HR information gaps
  • Industry-leading security to safeguard your company’s data and privacy
What is search as a service?

How GoSearch boosts company-wide efficiency

👩🏽‍💻Connect knowledge and people

GoSearch creates a single source of truth for organizational knowledge across apps, files, people data, and more. Rather than digging through folders for resources, employees can do a simple search and surface the exact information they need. 

Ex. Hillary, a Recruiter, oversees the hiring process for a new HR role and is curious about a candidate’s current status. Rather than searching through her handful of recruiting apps, she asks GoSearch, “What interview stage is Jonny at?” GoSearch then surfaces all the details she needs. 

💬Field fewer HR queries

Empower employees to find HR answers — without waiting for your response. GoAI, an interactive chatbot, can pull information from existing HR documentation and get employees the resolutions they need. 

Ex. Jill remembers hearing that the company benefits were recently updated, but she can’t remember where to find these changes. She doesn’t want to bother the HR team, so she uses GoSearch to search “Where can I find company benefits?” GoSearch instantly provides the document she’s looking for. 

✅Improve information accuracy 

Employees need reliable information to do their jobs well, including up-to-date HR documentation. GoSearch lets users verify new resources and deprecate old ones, so you’ll surface the latest information at the top of search results. Plus, you can build a custom GPT trained on your HR documentation to provide specialized help. 

Ex: Madhav recently updated his company’s HR FAQ doc. He wants to make sure employees follow this new guide, so he verifies this resource on GoSearch. To make it even more visible, he posts an announcement about it on the company-wide GoSearch dashboard.

👥Improve culture with people results 

GoSearch connects to your people platforms like GoProfiles to pull in information like job title, hierarchy, geographical location, employee interests, and achievements. This way, your employees can ask questions like: “Who are Jake’s direct reports?” or “What time zone is Alyssa in?” 

Ex. Jessica wants to start a fantasy football league as a fun culture initiative — but she doesn’t know who would want to participate. She asks GoSearch, “Who in our company likes football?” and sees that 15 people might be interested in participating.

👋 Streamline new hire onboarding

Onboarding new hires quickly boosts your whole team’s productivity. With GoSearch, new hires have easy access to team information, wherever and whenever they need it. This helps them learn important processes and empowers self-service training. 

Ex: Anthony just finished a busy onboarding week of team meetings and software setup. He can’t remember all the information thrown his way, but he can use GoSearch to retrieve helpful answers like “Where is my onboarding doc?” or “Who can help me with an onboarding question?”

GoLinks + GoSearch for HR

GoSearch helps you surface new information and insights instantly. But when you already know what you’re looking for, GoLinks is the fastest way to access and share resources.

Together, these two knowledge-discovery tools help employees be more productive. Here’s how you can get answers from GoSearch, then use GoLinks for lightning-fast workflows:

  • “What’s the reimbursement policy?” → go/reimbursements 
  • “Where is my new hire training?”  → go/onboarding-checklist
  • “Where can I find the benefits portal?” → go/trinet
  • “What is the new sales candidate status?” → go/greenhouse

GoSearch for HR: A powerful solution for efficiency 

Don’t leave your employees stranded – help them confidently navigate company-wide knowledge with GoSearch.

Ready to improve HR efficiency? Book a demo to learn how GoSearch can help you reach your goals. 

AI-powered search across all your apps for instant answers.
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