GoSearch for Customer Support: Find Answers Faster for Better Service
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GoSearch for Customer Support: Find Answers Faster for Better Service

GoSearch for Customer Support: Find Answers Faster for Better Service

Are you using Gen AI to better serve your clients?

If your answer isn’t an emphatic yes, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity. 

90% of service professionals who use generative AI agree that it helps them serve their clients faster. So why do only 24% of CS teams currently use Gen AI?

GoSearch helps close that gap to bring Gen AI benefits to more CS teams. It’s incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no technical training.

Let’s put it this way: ever used Google search? Then you’ll know how to use GoSearch.  

CS teams leverage GoSearch to:

  • Access internal resources on live calls
  • Get answers to resolve issues quickly and confidently 
  • Provide reliable support to clients and new hires alike 

Below, we provide a clear list of benefits and use cases to help you visualize GoSearch’s impact in your customer-support workflow.

What is GoSearch?

GoSearch is an enterprise search-as-a-service platform powered by multimodal AI. It connects to your internal company data to surface intelligent answers to any user query. With built-in GenAI, it can generate insights, provide context, and summarize information from multiple sources. 

These key GoSearch features power CS success:

  • Enterprise search across your entire SaaS stack for company-wide answers
  • Personal data connectors like access-restricted docs and messages – for your eyes only
  • Custom enterprise GPTs trained on specific data for focused, technical answers
  • Generative AI chatbot for conversational search and intelligent assistance
  • Search analytics to identify high-need resources from popular queries 
  • Highest-standard security and data protection

How GoSearch boosts CS team efficiency

✅ Resolve issues quickly and confidently 

With GoSearch, you have a powerful workplace assistant to instantly provide answers and resolve technical issues. You can surface customer info – like contact info, past conversations, and company data – without having to dig through your CS platform. This helps CS teams respond to customers faster and resolve issues confidently. 

Ex: André is on a live support call with a client. They ask a question he doesn’t immediately know the answer to, but instead of delaying support, he uses GoSearch’s GenAI chatbot, GoAI. He asks GoAI, “How do you add a new user to your workspace?” GoAI delivers step-by-step instructions that André can then relay to the client. 

🖥️ Ensure highest-quality support services

Your customer-facing team needs reliable information to do their job well, including up-to-date help desk documentation. GoSearch lets users verify new resources and deprecate old ones, so you’ll surface the latest information at the top of search results. Plus, you can build a custom GPT trained on your support documentation to provide specialized help. 

Ex: Madhav needs help answering a customer question. Rather than digging through documentation and formulating the answer himself, he uses his CS team’s custom GPT which is already trained on all their support documentation. The custom GPT pulls the exact info he needs and creates an answer that fits the company’s tone and voice. 

👋 Support new hires with easy access to internal training

Onboarding new hires quickly boosts your whole team’s productivity. With GoSearch, new hires have easy access to team information, wherever and whenever they need it. This helps them learn important processes and empowers self-service training. 

Ex: After a few weeks of onboarding, Tatiana is ready to meet with her first client. She wants to review her training, so she asks GoAI, “What’s our kick off call process?” The chatbot provides a helpful summary that prepares her for a positive client interaction.  

🎟️ Keep track of ticket reporting

People need easy access to ticket reporting, but specific ticket info can be hard to find. GoSearch solves this problem by putting information like average resolution time, resolution rate, and your NPS score at your fingertips. This supports faster workflows, since people can turn to GoSearch – not their coworkers – for help. 

Ex: Lara recently escalated a support ticket request to the Engineering department, and she wants to check on its status. Instead of interrupting the dev team, she can ask GoSearch, “What’s the status of the support request from Mixpanel?” 

GoLinks + GoSearch for Customer Support

GoSearch connects you and your coworkers to company-wide knowledge. With the addition of GoLinks, an internal link management app, you can access resources and switch contexts effortlessly. 

Together, these two knowledge-discovery tools help customer support teams provide faster service. Here’s how you can get answers from GoSearch, then use GoLinks for lightning-fast CS workflows:

  • “What’s the procedure for ticket reporting?” → go/cs-faqs
  • “Where do I access our help center?” → go/zendesk
  • “Do we have a new user tutorial?” → go/product-training
  • “What’s our service level agreement?” → go/sla

GoSearch: A powerful solution for Customer Support efficiency

Your CS team is all about connecting people to solutions. Thanks to GoSearch and its powerful knowledge discovery, that job becomes even easier.

Ready to provide great service faster than ever? Schedule a demo to learn how GoSearch leverages your internal knowledge for efficient customer support.

GoSearch for customer support - demo
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