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Introducing GoSearch: AI-Enhanced Enterprise Search

Introducing GoSearch: AI-Enhanced Enterprise Search

Employees spend 3.6 hours a day searching for information.

That adds up to nearly 55 days a year! 😱

And 43% of those surveyed blame ineffective search technology. 

Without the proper tools to search through their tech stack, employees have to continuously dig in individual apps for what they need. The average SaaS company has over 250 apps in their tech stack — so no wonder this has become a problem. 

With this struggle top of mind, the team at GoLinks has been hard at work on a new product. We’re thrilled to introduce ✨GoSearch✨— an AI-powered search tool for enterprise companies. 

GoSearch revolutionizes enterprise search, providing AI-driven insights and seamless information discovery to supercharge workplace productivity.

GoSearch features 

🔍 Unified search

Stop wasting time searching through apps for resources. GoSearch is like Google — but for your internal company resources. It unifies your organization’s collective knowledge, creating one-source-of-truth for your employees as they search for the information they need. 

GoSearch new tab experience

🤖 Generative AI

Get the information you need — instantly. GoAI, our AI assistant powered by GPT-4 delivers resource recommendations and intelligent answers with a chat or search. By leveraging your data connectors like Google Docs, Slack, and Confluence, GoSearch can source and summarize insights from the most relevant information based on your search queries.

GoSearch generative AI enterprise search

💬 Interactive chat

Simply ask the GoAI assistant a question like, “Where can I find onboarding information?” and get an instant answer that summarizes key information within resources and links to additional sources of knowledge. With the help of ChatGPT, GoSearch supports follow-ups and transforms your search experience into an interactive chat that uses both intent and context to deliver helpful results.

GoSearch interactive chat

📈 Search analytics

Want to know what your knowledge gaps are? With GoSearch, you can unlock insights into your team’s collective knowledge to improve the discoverability and accuracy of internal information. Learn how your company’s knowledge base is growing, and information accuracy is improving.

GoSearch analytics

🔒 Enterprise security

Make your resources searchable without compromising on security. GoSearch employs comprehensive protocols and rigorous testing to safeguard your data and privacy. Resource access is permission-aware and only publicly available information within connected apps is indexed. We also give you the option to bring your own LLM API key or cloud (BYOC). 

And that’s not all! Learn more about GoSearch features and how this tool can help transform your org. 

GoSearch + GoLinks

Get the most out of GoSearch with GoLinks. When this integration is set up, GoSearch will recommend relevant go links based on your search query. Since go links are short and memorable, employees will be able to easily recall them for future use. 

For those resources that you use daily, go links are the easiest way to access information and share it with teammates — without any manual effort. Combined with GoSearch to uncover knowledge that you don’t have immediate access to, GoLinks + GoSearch empower a more informed and productive workforce.

GoSearch GoAI assistant

Explore the entire GoLinks productivity suite 

We didn’t stop after creating GoSearch! 

We also recently launched GoProfiles — a whole new people platform for employees working anywhere. GoProfiles combines the best parts of employee directories and peer recognition to help companies build a culture of genuine connection. 

With this tool, employees are able to view information-rich profiles, explore a company-wide map and org chart, share peer recognition, and more! 

Here’s a little example of how GoLinks + GoSearch + GoProfiles all work together to help you save time throughout the day: 

Jennifer recently started working at a new company and wants to revisit her onboarding checklist. 

Thanks to GoSearch, she is able to ask the GoAI assistant, “I’m a new hire. How do I get started?” ?” 

Thanks to Golinks, GoAI is able to instantly recommend resources like go/onboarding and go/newhire. Jennifer can now easily access these resources at any time with the memorable go link. 

Thanks to GoProfiles, GoAI can also recommend HR employees that Jennifer can reach out to with questions. Jennifer can click on their profiles to see their time zone, learn more about them, and determine the best time to reach out with questions. 

GoProfiles people ops platform

Getting started with GoSearch

As an enterprise search tool powered by AI, GoSearch will take your team’s knowledge management to a new level of efficiency. Want to see it in action? Join us for an exclusive live demo on January 25th – click here to register.

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The GoSearch Mobile App: Enterprise Search On the Go

The GoSearch Mobile App: Enterprise Search On the Go

GoSearch enterprise search is now available on iOS. Experience seamless access to workplace knowledge on the go with the GoSearch Mobile App.
The GoSearch Slack Integration: Your Workplace Assistant

The GoSearch Slack Integration: Your Workplace Assistant

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Get to any resource instantly using memorable go links shared by your entire org.

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