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GoSearch for Engineering: Surface Issues and Deploy Efficiently

GoSearch for Engineering: Surface Issues and Deploy Efficiently

How many times have you had to hit pause on building because you couldn’t find the internal knowledge you needed? 

Searching across sprints, tasks, and documentation to surface related context can eat up a lot of time every day. 

This is why your engineering team needs streamlined ways to surface issues and deploy efficiently. 

GoSearch can help you with just that. Engineering teams use this AI-powered tool to: 

  • Search across all engineering tools from one search bar 
  • Surface related context and collaborators
  • Access the right information for fast resolutions 

Ready to learn how? 👇 Keep reading for an intro to GoSearch and its engineering-specific benefits.

What is GoSearch?

GoSearch, an enterprise search solution, offers employees seamless access to company-wide resources via a unified search interface. Imagine it as the Google Search equivalent for all your workplace knowledge. Fueled by GenAI, it swiftly generates valuable insights and surfaces company-wide resources.

Here are key GoSearch features that engineering teams love: 

  • Customizable enterprise search – connect engineering apps and personal data sources
  • Generative AI chatbot for conversational search and intelligent assistance
  • A new tab experience where you can search and jump into a meeting without breaking your flow
  • AI summaries that don’t just link to relevant resources, but pull answers directly from them
  • Custom GPTs that can be trained and tailored specifically to engineering needs
  • Insightful search analytics to pinpoint high-impact resources and information gaps
  • Industry-leading security to safeguard your company’s data and privacy
What is search as a service?

How GoSearch boosts engineering team efficiency

🔎 Instantly uncover related work & deploy faster 

GoSearch connects all your engineering knowledge across sprints, tasks, PRs, and documentation to surface related context and contributors. This means you don’t have to go digging through your apps to find what you need. 

Ex. Jamie needs a quick reminder on the procedure for updating a component. Using the GoSearch chatbot, she’s able to ask “what’s the procedure for updating a component?” In seconds, GoAI provides the document with the process, as well as step-by-step instructions so Jamie doesn’t have to dig through the documentation. 

💬Async communication and collaboration 

Don’t wait around for a coworker’s help answering questions. If you don’t know where a doc is, just ask GoSearch. Its GenAI can assist you wherever, whenever. With fast search results, intelligent answers, and interactive chat, you’ll get back to work in the blink of an eye. 

Ex: Heon is working on a project and is unsure of how to integrate the API. Most of his team are in a different timezone and are offline. Instead of bothering them, he types “API documentation” in the GoSearch search bar. In seconds he has the information he needs. 

👋 Hassle-free onboarding for new engineering team members 

GoSearch helps new hires deal with information overload. They don’t have to remember every aspect of their training, since they can use GoSearch to find resources, clarify certain protocols, and surface company information – from core values to PTO policy. 

Ex: Anthony just finished a busy onboarding week of team meetings and software setup. He can’t remember all the information thrown his way, but he can use GoSearch to retrieve helpful answers like “Where is the engineering training doc?” or “Who can help me with an HR question?”

GoLinks + GoSearch for engineering

GoSearch helps you surface new information and insights instantly. But when you already know what you’re looking for, GoLinks is the fastest way to access and share resources.

Together, these two knowledge-discovery tools help employees be more productive. Here’s how you can get answers from GoSearch, then use GoLinks for lightning-fast engineering workflows:

  • “Where is our shared react component library” → go/react-components
  • “How do I add an engineer to our server”  → go/aws-new
  • “Where do I access our dev testing instance?” → go/stage

GoSearch: A powerful solution for engineering efficiency 

If you’re looking for a light-lift, high-impact solution, GoSearch is the tool for you. Its powerful Gen AI provides answers and insights into everyday tasks.

Ready to improve engineering efficiency? Book a demo to learn how GoSearch can help you reach your goals. 

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