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GoSearch connects workplace knowledge into a unified, semantic search experience with more advanced AI innovation than Guru search. Companies quickly outgrow Guru’s enterprise search. 
GoSearch vs Guru: Enterprise search engine competitors

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The leading Guru search alternative: GoSearch

Guru search alternative: GoSearch AI enterprise search

Most advanced AI search innovation

Guru search
Guru’s enterprise search solution is basic, with limited functionality. Beyond simple keyword matching, Guru can’t power knowledge discovery and answers for teams. Choose the Guru search competitor with better AI.
GoSearch has the most advanced AI for enterprise search including AI summaries, generative AI chat, multimodal search with images and URLs, and a custom GPT builder. We’re innovating at the same pace as AI. 
GoSearch data indexing and search function compared to Guru

Unified knowledge with more data connectors

Guru search
Guru search integrates with only a few enterprise apps; it’s not a single source of truth for company knowledge. Employees will still need to search outside the platform, and connecting, verifying, and setting access permissions for content is manual.
GoSearch connects 100+ personal and workplace apps into an AI-powered internal knowledge base that unifies all company information in one search platform. Permission-aware access automatically surfaces authorized answers and resources.
GoSearch generative AI powered search compared to Guru

Semantic, AI workplace insights and genAI chat

Guru search
Guru’s AI search engine can’t understand context or intent, requiring detailed prompts to generate relevant results. Rather than using AI to determine the most accurate response, Guru search relies on manual resource verification and content management.
With GoSearch, even a single word search will generate relevant results. AI applies semantic, contextual understanding to summarize insights within your workplace resources, enabling a two-way conversation with your enterprise knowledge.
GoSearch go links for knowledge management

Seamless work resource sharing with go links

Guru search
Beyond discovering information, employees need an easy way to access resources and quickly share them with coworkers. Guru is built for personal knowledge retrieval only, not team productivity and collaboration.
GoSearch helps teams not only discover knowledge but seamlessly share it with coworkers and effortlessly access it again. Short, memorable go links for resources take your team members directly to information.

GoSearch ranks above Guru search in security

Comprehensive, enterprise-grade security compliance

We keep your data in GoSearch safe and secure—SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant with recurring annual pen tests.
soc2 gdpr
SOC 2 Type II
2048 bit SSL encryption
Annual 3rd party security audit
GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance
Data loss prevention
Audit logs
Fault-tolerant AWS infastructure
99.95% uptime SLA
Enterprise search bring your own cloud (BYOC)

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

All security measures are entirely within your command, guaranteeing that your data is confined to your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or other environment.
Enterprise search LLM API key

Integrate your own LLM API key

Your API key grants control over enterprise search software access, logs, and restrictions, with full model interaction visibility.

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