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Every team and every role will find value from GoSearch. Reduce time spent searching and equip your team with intelligent answers from your company knowledge and AI.

Enterprise teams unify knowledge with GoSearch

Discover the right resources and people

Empower your team to discover solutions, without asking coworkers. GoSearch is your single source of truth, bringing documents, drives, tasks, chats, and people into one central hub.
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GoSearch single source of truth for enterprise teams

Work smarter with generative AI

Generative AI built into GoSearch delivers AI summaries pulled from multiple sources of company information. Chat with GoAI to access knowledge from enterprise ChatGPT. 
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Enterprise ChatGPT surfacing workplace resources

Make access secure and seamless

GoSearch connects 100+ apps into a single, unified search experience. Enterprise-grade security and permission-aware access protects from information exposure.
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GoSearch enterprise information protection
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Manage connectors

Search apps, chats, and emails.
GoSearch enterprise security

Enterprise security

Adheres to strictest standards.
GoSearch BYOC and LLM for enterprise teams

BYOC and LLM options

Own data in your environments.

Integrate 100+ apps and data connectors

AI insights pull from all your data sources at once for intelligent enterprise search results.
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GoLinks Integration jira
GoLinks Integration github
GoLinks Integration confluence
GoLinks Integration google_drive
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GoLinks Integration stack_overflow
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GoLinks Integration clickup
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AI-powered search across all your work apps for instant answers

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Memorable short links

Get to any resource instantly using memorable go links shared by your entire org.

⚡ Instant resource access
🧠️ Intuitive knowledge sharing
💡 Information discovery
✨ AI-powered suggestions
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Enterprise search

Search across all your content hubs from one search bar—results powered by generative AI.

🔍️ Search across all work apps
✨ AI-powered results
🤖 AI conversational chat
⚡️ 100+ data connectors
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People knowledge

Find and discover information about the people of your org. Give recognition and celebrate achievements.

🙋‍♀️️ Employee profiles
👍️ Peer recognition
📈️ Employee engagement
✨ AI-powered search