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The GoSearch Mobile App: Enterprise Search On the Go

The GoSearch Mobile App: Enterprise Search On the Go

From the team behind GoLinks, comes GoSearch – a cutting-edge, AI-powered enterprise search platform that consolidates all your workplace knowledge into one search bar. 

Now, GoSearch is available on iOS! 

With the GoSearch mobile app, you can search for and access any work resource right from your phone. 

The GoSearch iOS app

Unlocking Seamless Efficiency with the GoSearch App

With the GoSearch app, your quest for company resources is a breeze. Simply pull up the GoSearch app search tool on your phone to get instant answers through a unified search interface. Plus, thanks to AI technology and integration capabilities, GoSearch effortlessly summarizes insights from the enterprise apps within your tech stack.

Key benefits of the GoSearch app

  1. Comprehensive search capability: Dive into a sea of workplace knowledge with the ability to search across all your company apps and data sources. Whether it’s team tasks, files, or documents, GoSearch ensures you stay seamlessly connected to vital information — anytime, anywhere.
  1. Effortless filtering: No more information overload! GoSearch empowers you to swiftly navigate to relevant data by applying filters based on resource type, app, owner, sorting options, and modified date. Enjoy the luxury of pinpoint accuracy in your search endeavors.
  1. Streamlined access: Experience unparalleled convenience as GoSearch bridges the gap between your desktop and mobile devices. You can use intelligent search to access the information + see your shortcuts and recently saved links — no matter where or what device you’re using. 
  1. Generative AI-powered insights: Beyond traditional search capabilities, GoSearch leverages the power of AI to provide insightful summaries gleaned from across your enterprise apps. Say hello to a smarter, more intuitive approach to accessing critical information.
  1. Continuous innovation: With GoSearch, expect more than just a static solution. As technology evolves, so does GoSearch, ensuring you’re equipped with the latest advancements to tackle your evolving work requirements.

Getting started with the GoSearch iOS app 

Streamline your workflow and elevate productivity with the GoSearch Mobile App. Say goodbye to scattered resources and hello to a more organized, efficient workday. 

Download the GoSearch enterprise search app today and start accessing your workplace resources anytime, anywhere! 🌟

Download the GoSearch Mobile App
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