Interview with GoLinks Founder: How Gen AI Tools like GoSearch Change the Way We Work
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How Gen AI Tools like GoSearch Change the Way We Work

Interview with GoLinks Founder: How Gen AI Tools like GoSearch Change the Way We Work

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Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving to fit our workplace needs. This technology powers code generation, content creation, text-to-image generation tools, and countless other Gen AI tools.

Let’s talk about one of those tools: GoSearch.

This enterprise search-as-a-service product makes company resources accessible and leverages generative AI to create fine-tuned results. 

In 2023, Jorge Zamora launched GoSearch and GoProfiles to connect employees to the information they need. He already has experience in this field, having founded GoLinks in 2019 to simplify knowledge access and resource sharing. This turnkey SaaS solution brings go links – a popular Silicon Valley short link system – to companies everywhere. 

Recently, we chatted with Jorge to get his thoughts on GoSearch and learn how this Gen AI tool is changing the way we work. Here’s a look at that conversation.

Why is enterprise search so important in the current landscape?

Think of the tools you use when browsing the web. You have your browser, history, bookmarks, the URL address bar, and a high-quality search engine. That’s what you use to browse the external side of the internet.

But what about the employee’s side? How can they find the internal information they need?

Employees might have an intranet, but that’s pretty much it. 

Now, there are more and more tools – like go links and enterprise search – that help solve the problem of resource discovery. As Jorge shared with VentureBeat, “[enterprise search] is just another layer, another helpful feature to solve that problem.”

What is GoSearch, and why is it such a beneficial tool? 

GoSearch acts as an internal search engine. With a simple search box, employees can type in any keyword and find relevant knowledge and information they need to do their day-to-day job.

“GoSearch is essentially Google for your enterprise. It allows a single search box to search across your entire SaaS stack.”

Through conversations with customers, Jorge knew they were looking for that Google experience – to find information with a single search box. And when he shows them GoSearch, their immediate feedback is that it’s exactly what they need. 

Previously, employees had to jump from tool to tool to search for resources. This process was frustrating and time-consuming; employees often gave up before finding what they needed. Now, GoSearch offers employees a unified, hassle-free search experience.

Who can benefit from GoSearch?

The short answer: everyone. 

“I don’t think that a company’s size is important,” Jorge says. “It’s more about the tools that you use.” 

Employees use countless SaaS tools for managing knowledge and creating content. Since they need to search and access information within those tools, everyone – regardless of department or company size – can benefit from GoSearch.  

What makes GoSearch unique?  

GoSearch leverages personal and enterprise knowledge for a truly comprehensive search experience.

 “We’re combining both of the key things that you need to be successful: your own personal documents, and your company’s knowledge – in a single search box.”

Personal search options like Dropbox Dash and Slapdash are limited to personal data from specific sources, like Dropbox. This approach traps users in information silos, without access to company-wide knowledge.

Enterprise search unlocks your company’s data, but not all solutions are created equal. Other enterprise search offerings require lots of effort to set up and maintain. As a result, users have to build out the front end of their search experience. 

Jorge started thinking about those products’ issues. “Why didn’t these other search programs take off? Because there was just so much friction to get started.” 

In contrast, GoSearch is a turnkey solution.

This means it’s simple and easy to set up – no coding necessary. And with 100+ SaaS app connectors, GoSearch combines high performance and low friction.

How does GoSearch leverage the advancement of AI?

AI technology is always evolving — and Jorge shared how GoSearch is evolving with it. One of the latest developments is multimodal generative AI, which GoSearch has already started leveraging. 

Through multimodal, GoSearch enables the creation of custom enterprise GPTs for more tailored workflows and use cases. For example, Jorge explained how you could build a GPT solely for customer support. By only feeding the AI your FAQ documents, it’ll respond in a more supportive format. 

In addition to that feature, GoSearch generates concise summaries of search results, allows image-based queries for relevant resources, and facilitates URL-based searches to enrich existing content. These features enhance overall efficiency and accessibility of information within your organization.

What is your vision for GoSearch?

“Our mission has always been to help employees access and share information really efficiently.”

Jorge’s vision for GoSearch builds off that company mission of simple knowledge discovery. He wants to add new experiences and include more data for employees to leverage. 

Now, Gen AI tools can process hundreds of search results, summarize content in real time, and guide employees to relevant resources. That’s what GoSearch already offers, and it’s just getting started.

How do GoLinks, GoSearch, and GoProfiles go hand-in-hand to improve workplace efficiency? 

GoLinks is the easiest way to find and access information with just a keyword. 

But what if you don’t know the keyword? Or what if a go link hasn’t been created yet?

That’s when you use GoSearch. You can search for that resource everywhere – Slack, Notion, Google Drive, Confluence, etc. Together, GoLinks and GoSearch give employees a comprehensive search experience.

 “These two work hand in hand together to help the employee be more efficient, to give the employee that instant access with keywords and the fallback with search.”

With the addition of our other new product, GoProfiles, employees can leverage people data for more informed, more efficient work. This people platform is more accessible than HRIS platforms, so everyone can access its org chart, employee map, and personalized profiles. 

Best of all? GoProfiles and GoSearch can access this data too, meaning their Gen AI tools can answer anything from “Who’s on the marketing team?” to “Who can help me understand my retirement options?” This information connects people to their coworkers and simplifies collaboration. 

That’s just the tip of the GoProfiles iceberg. Book a demo to learn how this robust platform encourages peer recognition and fosters coworker relationships.

Some companies are concerned about the risks of Gen AI — how does GoSearch address this?

What people don’t realize is that guardrails already exist for generative AI models. These address security concerns and limit what can be used as training data. For example, OpenAI has a policy to not train large language models (LLMs) on users’ submitted information or user APIs. 

Jorge predicts a rise in company-specific terms and agreements to combat Gen AI concerns. Enterprises’ legal and IT teams will create agreements that they can use across any SaaS vendor providing Gen AI tools.

GoSearch anticipates that future by allowing enterprises to customize their experience.

Jorge explains, “We have a concept called ‘bring your own LLM key,’ which allows [companies] to use their OpenAI token with us. That way, they see the analytics, they see the queries, they see the usage. And it’s tied to their agreement with OpenAI – not ours.”

Similarly, GoSearch’s “bring your own cloud” feature lets companies maintain their security agreement with their existing cloud provider. Plus, indexing restrictions ensure that companies’ data is never on our systems, keeping it safe within their network.

How will generative AI continue to change the way employees work?

Jorge uses this example to illustrate the power of generative AI.

Let’s say you’re interested in a particular sales deal, so you search “What’s the status of the deal with Asana?” Without Gen AI, your search might return 20 or 30 results across different tools. You have to click on each source, slowly building your takeaway to answer the question.

Gen AI can provide that insight instantly. Jorge explains, “It’ll give you a great summary that you can just read and be done.”

That’s the big value of AI-powered search: Gen AI can summarize and aggregate your natural language query across your entire SaaS stack, meaning it can draw insights from multiple sources.

Another prediction Jorge made? Gen AI tools will eventually provide every department with specialized AI assistants. As he put it, “there’s gonna be GPTs for everything.”

GoSearch: AI-powered search for instant knowledge access

GoSearch is a key piece of Jorge’s vision to help employees access and share information really easily. When used alongside GoLinks, GoSearch puts company knowledge at employees’ fingertips – literally. It’s just a few keystrokes away. 

Ready to use AI to generate insights and surface company-wide information? Book a demo with GoSearch today.

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