The GoSearch Microsoft Teams Integration: Streamline Work Efficiency
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The GoSearch Microsoft Teams Integration: Streamline Work Efficiency

The GoSearch Microsoft Teams Integration: Streamline Work Efficiency

Say goodbye to unnecessary context-switching with the GoSearch Microsoft Teams integration, your ultimate workplace assistant right within the Teams platform.

Thanks to this integration, GoSearch is always available to answer your queries without disrupting your workflow or bothering your colleagues.

How does the GoSearch Microsoft Teams integration work?

Setting up and using the GoSearch Microsoft Teams integration is a breeze:

Connect the integration: Head over to the GoSearch dashboard, navigate to Integrations, and select Microsoft Teams. Follow the prompts to establish the connection.

Start searching and sharing: Within your Teams channel, simply type /gosearch followed by your query. GoSearch will promptly retrieve the most relevant results for you.

GoSearch Microsoft Teams Integration

Get answers directly in team channels: Tag GoSearch in your team channels with @GoSearch to get AI resource recommendations that are visible to your teammates. 

GoSearch Microsoft Teams Integration - AI recommendations

Start a two-way conversation: Use the GoSearch AI chatbot within MS Teams to start a conversation and get personalized insights. 

GoSearch MS Teams Integration - AI Assistant

Get answers on the go: Access GoSearch within the MS Teams mobile app to get instant access to resources even when you’re away from your computer. 

GoSearch Microsoft Teams Integration - Mobile App

Improving workflows with the GoSearch Microsoft Teams integration

Let’s explore a few scenarios illustrating how the GoSearch Microsoft Teams integration can enhance your productivity:

Scenario 1: Accessing the expense report portal:

❌ Don’t waste time waiting for a link from the finance team

✅ Simply ask GoSearch within Teams where to submit expense reports and get an instant answer with the right link.

Scenario 2: Sharing a KPI document with a colleague:

❌ Don’t switch between apps and manually search for the document

✅ Ask GoSearch within Teams for the link to the KPI document. You and your colleague can both access it instantly without searching.  

Benefits of the GoSearch Microsoft Teams integration

Efficient communication: Integrating GoSearch directly into Microsoft Teams streamlines communication by enabling users to search for and share documents without leaving the Teams interface, saving time and effort.

Enhanced collaboration: With seamless access to resources and documents within Teams channels, employees can collaborate more effectively, fostering a conducive environment for knowledge sharing and teamwork.

Centralized information access: The integration provides a centralized platform within Teams for accessing enterprise search functionality, ensuring team members have access to the most up-to-date information and maintaining a single source of truth for documents and resources.

User-friendly interface: With a simple command and intuitive interface, the GoSearch integration makes searching for information a hassle-free experience, empowering users to quickly find relevant resources and receive AI summaries with ease.

Get started with GoSearch for MS Teams

Incorporate GoSearch into your Microsoft Teams channels today to transform the way your team collaborates and communicates. Visit your GoSearch dashboard to set up the integration.

Not yet using GoSearch? Sign up for a demo and discover the power of AI-driven enterprise search tailored for your organization.

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