Did You Know There's AI That Answers Any of Your Work-Related Questions?
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Did You Know There's AI That Answers Any of Your Work-Related Questions?

Did You Know There’s AI That Answers Any of Your Work-Related Questions?

It feels like there’s AI for everything these days. 

AI generators can create images, code, music, videos, even poems (but not very good ones, according to poets).

Thanks to advancements in machine learning, natural language processing, and large language models, it’s easier than ever to converse with AI. Chatbots like Google’s Bard, Claude, and, of course, ChatGPT are powerful question-answering tools and content generators with seemingly endless potential. 

But do you ever wish there was ChatGPT for work? Turns out, there is.

GoSearch helps you find answers to questions within your workplace – and not just your company, but your own specific role, projects, and conversations. 

In this article, we’ll explain what GoSearch is and how its AI can answer any question you have about work.

What is GoSearch?

GoSearch is enterprise search-as-a-service, or an internal search engine backed by artificial intelligence (AI). It connects to company data and provides relevant answers to any workplace query. 

Within GoSearch, there’s GoAI – a generative AI chatbot and work assistant powered by GPT-4.

GoAI enables users to ask questions ranging from “Where can I find this resource?” to “Summarize our product updates from the past 6 months.” Whether you’re looking for instant answers or real-time insights, you can find them with GoAI.

GoSearch search box with the text "search for anything, anyone, or ask a question."

How can GoSearch help in your workplace?

This AI tool can help in a variety of situations. Let’s look at a few use cases to see how different people can benefit from GoSearch.

💯 Confident customer interactions: Soo-jin leverages GoSearch during her live sales calls. When a customer asks for a demonstration, she can quickly search for and access “product demo video.” Or if a prospect wants examples of other companies using the product, she can easily surface marketing collateral for “customer success stories.”

🎱 AI answers for IT issues: Parker wants to focus on IT security, but he keeps getting help requests to reset passwords. So, he writes a guide that GoSearch can return to anyone locked out of their accounts. Thanks to the answers this AI tool provides, everyone gets back to meaningful work faster – including Parker.

📣 Company-wide announcements: Cam wants to close HR knowledge gaps. They use GoSearch analytics to see top searches for their company and notice this popular query: “When is the holiday party?” So, they post a GoSearch announcement to remind people about the date and the White Elephant gift swap.

🤝 Enhanced onboarding: Elena is a recently hired software developer. During her busy first month, she struggles to keep track of all the new apps, resources, and protocols. That’s when she turns to GoAI. This AI answer generator responds to “How do I submit my timesheet?” with a summarized list of the steps Elena needs to take.

GoAI chatbot's step-by-step response to someone's query, "how do I submit my timesheet?"

How do you use GoSearch AI to answer questions?

Setting up GoSearch for AI answers

Using GoSearch is incredibly easy. The setup process, including GoAI implementation, takes under two hours. Here’s how it works:

GoSearch connects to company-wide apps and indexes all that data, ensuring you receive accurate responses specific to your workplace. You also have the option to add personal connectors like Slack, Gmail, Outlook, and Teams. This lets GoSearch surface answers from your conversations – but it keeps your information private and only accessible by you. 

Once it’s set up, you can start searching via the GoSearch knowledge hub or directly from your browser. The easy, intuitive search bar provides a streamlined user experience that looks just like any search engine.

GoSearch's intelligent new tab experience.

Tips for getting the best results from GoSearch:

  • Follow best practices on how to ask AI questions
  • Create reliable Answers for frequently asked questions  
  • Train the GoAI model by upvoting better answers and downvoting worse ones
  • Verify relevant resources so they’ll appear at the top of the results page
  • Deprecate resources that are less relevant or not up-to-date
  • Use GoSearch alongside an internal link management app like GoLinks

GoSearch: your company’s tool for AI-powered answers

In the crowded AI market, GoSearch is a simple, effective solution with powerful results. It’s fully internal to your company, making it highly relevant and incredibly secure. 

Don’t leave your employees to wade through layers and layers of app folders, or to reach out to ten different people for one answer. Give them easy access to the resources they need and clear answers to their work-related questions with GoSearch.

Ready for a workplace AI that answers any question? Book a demo to see how GoSearch can simplify knowledge access at your company.

AI-powered search across all your apps for instant answers.
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